Cedar Hill Ranch Kitchen Tour and Confessions

Do you want to know my definition of the word ‘CRAZY’?

city house kitchen tour


That would be someone who agrees to be part of a home tour a week after she has moved into a house.

Yup, and I just realized at the Wednesday that oh yeah, I need to take photos of my kitchen, edit them in Photoshop, upload them (somewhere other than home since I have no internet until Friday afternoon) write the post, and breathe.


It’s like agreeing to be in a swimsuit competition the week after giving birth.  I will spare you any photos of me one week postpartum.

Well in my defense, our move was delayed at the last minute due to all of my plumbing fixtures being stolen and some other issues.  So I had no idea I would be cutting this so close.

I had planned to photograph my house before I moved in, and use those photos. Piece of cake, I thought that would be no big deal. Sounds good, right?  WRONG! I had no idea what a flurry of activity my house would be in the days leading up to our move. There were carpenters, painters, and electricians swarming my house from top to bottom. The kitchen island was piled high with paint cans and junk.

So here I am at Starbucks talking to you.  I’ll share a few details about my kitchen that I thought you might want to know.

I used a silver water pitcher to hold utensils. It’s tarnished I know. I might polish it, but then again… I might not.

I love these built-in plate racks. They are perfect for a dish nut like me.

My backsplash is a Walker Zanger crackle finish 2×6 subway tile in what they call Wedgewood blue, but it’s really very gray.  It goes well with my White River granite which is also very gray.

The fridge and freezer act as an anchor on this wall. You can see through the butler’s pantry into the dining room from here.

Notice I used a thick granite edge on the island… very worth the extra $$ in my opinion.

I opted for no special tile behind the range. I think I would tire of it, and besides, this way I can use my trays and change them out when I get bored with them.

I love the cool feet my carpenter made. Also you can see the reclaimed oak floors from this angle.
This is the hardware I used in much of the house.  I thought it was very Frenchy.

Another feature of this kitchen is the large drawer for two trash bins. I love that I no longer have a trash can sitting out.

I love these crystal door knobs I used throughout the house. Another investment, but so worth it!!

This is the butler’s pantry. I wasn’t sure what to put on these shelves but they seemed to need something big and tall. It looked like a great place to store some of my crystal.

This is a shot inside the pantry.  I love that they put a granite shelf in here.  I made Mr. CH put his Keurig in here. And that’s a wrap!!

I want to give my builder, Ridgewater Homes another shout out, LOVE my house.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. (I plan to take a nap today, in case you are wondering…) I’ll be sharing my entire house on the blog in the coming weeks, so if you want to see more, be sure to subscribe to Cedar Hill Ranch!!


Don’t miss the rest of the kitchen tours this week!

Thursday, August 22
Friday, August 23



  1. says

    I’ve been waiting with anticipation for your tour, Anita. It is as gorgeous as I imagined. I will be back with J, later. I want him to see all the details of your kitchen.

  2. says

    Your kitchen turned out just gorgeous!! Love the huge fridge and also the great pantry. I would just take away your tray and add something more modern in glass or silver maybe. You have a most perfect kitchen with a great design. Enjoy!

  3. says

    Absolutely gorgeous! Having just gone through a kitchen reno myself, I know what’s involved! You have outdone yourself in this space!

  4. says

    Anita, you are one ambitious lady! To say I Love your kitchen is an understatement. The first image almost made me gasp, I absolutely LOVE it!! Great job and thank you so much for going through with the tour, I am not sure I could have done it, you are quite the trooper,

  5. says

    Oh my!! Absolutely LOVE all the details. The crackle finish on the tile is scrumptious!! And the built in plate rack? JEALOUS!!! Love, love, love your butler’s pantry!! So excited to see the rest of the house!!

  6. says

    Oh my goodness, first off wow to handling your stress so well.

    Your plumbing hardware being stolen is truly horrifying – I am so so sorry about that. Shameful and evil.

    As for your kitchen, um GULP! You are blessed to have one of the most beautiful kitchens ever seen. WOW! even a butler’s pantry – oh how I would looooove my antique teacups and teapots in there, lucky gal!

    I was so excited about the kitchen tours that I actually posted mine for the very first time.

    You are all so truly inspiring.

    Have a wonderful nap and weekend.


  7. says

    Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! Your attention to detail is amazing. I really love everything, especially the beautiful glass cabinets. I can’t wait to see what you make and create and do in this beautiful new kitchen and home!

  8. says

    I can’t enter your great giveaway, boo hoo, but still wanted to let you know that I’m totally in love with your new kitchen. It’s gorgeous! I especially love the crackle tiles. If I had a kitchen like that I might actually learn how to cook~

  9. says

    Anita, this is just PERFECTION!!! I have been hoping to see your kitchen up close. I love all the details, the cabinets are so pretty and the glass door knobs are a great touch. I can’t wait for us to get started. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see more of the house. Oh I forgot, Love the dish racks so many pretties!


  10. says

    Oh my god, your kitchen is insanely gorgeous. I love all the stainless and silver with your beautiful colors… I’m pretty sure i may die from jealousy looking at it all!


  11. says

    Anita, your kitchen is gorgeous and so pristine in its move in mode. I know you are going to love spending time in the space. ‘-)
    Eager to see more of your new abode. ~ Sarah

  12. says

    Wow! Beautiful! I love your tile and granite combination, and your butler’s pantry is to die for… love those beautifully detailed shelves. Oh, and yes, the knobs and the faucets are totally worth it! (We just built a house and had the fridge stolen…. does this sort of thing happen to everyone???) Thanks for the tour. Happy napping!

  13. says

    You, dear one, A M A Z E me!!!
    This kitchen is exquisite!!!
    Every cabinet, fixture, lighting, hardware, countertop, backsplash, flooring, paint colors . . .and even your poised dog!!! Did I mention the kitchen sink???
    Thank you, dear one, for inviting us into your lovely BRAND NEW Kitchen!!!
    I do believe a celebration is in order. . .in the form of a nap or a piece of that lucious cake the neighbor made. . .YOU deserve BOTH!!!

  14. says

    Every little detail is stunning. Your kitchen is drop dead gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and I hope you get settled in quickly.
    Thanks, Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  15. says

    Congratulations on the completion of your dream home….your kitchen is just beautiful. Can’t wait to see more!

  16. says

    Anita, your house is a true dream. I am in awe of your beautiful kitchen, but mostly I’m in awe of you accomplishing the task of styling, photographing and blogging about your new kitchen a week after moving in. It took me forever to get me house decorated after our move 2 years ago. What’s your secret?

  17. says

    I am BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Your new kitchen is gorgeous, functional, well thought out, every detail attended to…………what more can I say? It is GORGEOUS!!! I hope to God you got that nap:):) I know exactly how you feel. XO

  18. says

    It is beautiful, Anita. I think you were so right not putting anything special behind the range because you can dress it and change it to suit your mood. I love the details like the handles.
    I am always vaguely startled when you Americans mention the thing that is attached to your freezer. That is such a rude word over here, lol. We refer to that thing as the fridge.

  19. says

    WOW… OMG WOW. Your kitchen is Stunning!!! Even if I tried I wouldn’t be able to find one thing I don’t like about it, it is Amazing!

  20. says

    The kitchen turned out as beautiful as I thought it would with you at the helm. But note to thieves….. Anita’s in the house!

  21. says

    Yes please! I’ll take one, as in your whole kitchen! I know you just moved in and everything but could we just pack the whole thing up and bring it to my house? :) Great tour!

  22. says

    Did I already leave a comment? Because I’ve checked out your kitchen so many times now I can’t count! I’m checking your FB page daily to see all the additions that you’re updating us with. I LOVE your kitchen/house/impeccable taste. Gorgeous job 😉
    Jamie @ somuchbetterwithage.com

  23. says

    Farm life has kept me away from the blog rounds WAY too long if I’ve missed this kind of beauty! I love every single thing about your kitchen. SO well done! I know you put a lot of thought and heart into it, and it shows! ENJOY IT!!! xoxo!

  24. Patti says

    Perhaps I missed this but what is the depth of your lovely counters? Didn’t want to use granite in my new home but you may have changed my mind!

  25. says

    These are fabulous photos, your kitchen is beautiful and my dream kitchen. Do you mind if I ask what sort of camera you used and how do you get such good light? Do you use a ‘white light’ setting. Also do you use a tripod as the photo of the tap is so clear. I have bought a good camera but not getting the photos I should from it,…I really have no idea what I am doing at times when I set it to manual and press buttons!


  26. Joni says

    I’m in awe of your kitchen, and live every detail you shared! Im renovating my 140 year old home and searching for crystal door knobs. Would you mind sharing your source? Brand name, retailer name…any info would be greatly appreciated!

  27. Eve West says

    My husband& I love the hardware on your kitchen cabinets! May we ask where you found it? Love the fact that the handles aren’t bulky!

    • Anita says

      Eve, I bought those from a hardware wholesaler, and I don’t know the name of them. I just looked in my files and can’t find it. Sorry! I think the manufacturer is JVJ.


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