Farmhouse Tour

Cedar Hill Farms is our family’s dream come true.  It’s a 30 acre farm, that in the Spring is awash in native Bluebonnets. I always dreamed of having our own little get-away, far from the hustle and bustle of city life,
bed in field

yet close enough for a quick escape, 

sunset supper

a place with lots of space to roam, 

square 2

fresh air to breathe, 

a place to relax, 

where birds chirp,

bench on deck hr

the flowers are just waiting to be picked,


there’s a place to take a nap on the back porch,



away from  honking horns and screaming sirens, 

ab bed

where we can linger with friends and family over a lazy dinner, 

IMG_0858 hr
or maybe throw a party,
 bluebonnet table hr
where we can take off our boots and exhale,

French table and sofa
french chairs in farm  master